RSS Monitoring and SOS CoAP

I have implemented passive monitoring in Shinken of RSS values from an OpenWSN mote. The screenshot below shows RSS received by the single remote node in a two node network. The graph is rendered by Graphite.


The exercise was worthwhile to understand the requirements on both the mote and server sides. On the mote, I reused the RSS data already in the neighbor module. Going forward, the mote side will need some overall structure to manage the data and functions for monitoring its various components.

On the server side, I was able to use the Python-based SOS CoAP library I have been developing to receive the notifications. Also, I was able to copy and adapt Shinken's ws-arbiter module to accept RSS-specific CoAP and write Nagios service check records. As we develop monitoring in Shinken, we need some automation to manage the various notifications across the possibly large number of nodes in a sensor network.

I plan to continue development of the SOS CoAP library to support this monitoring work. I just added a README so others can start to play with it.